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Top-Quality Pressure Washing Services for Residential Properties in New Orleans, LA

Are you fed up with dirty and grimy walkways, patios, or driveways in your New Orleans home? TurnKey Painters has got your back! Our team will pressure wash the dirt and grime away to a perfectly clean finish!

We use the latest equipment in the industry in our residential pressure washing services.  Whatever your walkway, driveway, or surface is made of, our team is trained and experienced in dealing with the cleaning that it needs through pressure washing.

Our residential services are offered following a seamless process that will guarantee the results you need. Get in touch with us today to experience reliable and quality service!

Pressure Washing Techniques

We understand the discomfort of dealing with grime, grease, dirt, moss, and other unsightly substances or objects on surfaces around your home. Although every home is different, we apply tricks in pressure washing to leave every inch of your surface squeaky clean.

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  1. Powerful Streams: We do not compromise quality, even if we use the right amount of power to get rid of the toughest dirt or grime. We are careful not to damage sensitive surfaces while doing so.
  2. Just Enough Pressure: We are mindful of the type of surface we are cleaning. Every surface requires a specific pressure, just enough to remove dirt without causing harm or injury.
  3. The Right Detergents: We choose the best quality detergents sourced from reputable companies. Our team is trained in using the right detergent in the right amount to efficiently clean any type of dirt.
  4. Precision Moves: Our pressure washers are designed to clean even the narrowest lines, targeting hard-to-clean and hard-to-reach areas.
  5. Eco-friendly Vibes: Our pressure washing services are all about cleaning while being friendly to the planet. We guarantee a guilt-free cleaning process with eco-friendly tools and materials.

When we talk cleaning with pressure washing, we mean serious business. With our latest equipment, we can clean every corner that needs to be cleaned in and around your home in New Orleans with powerful water and eco-friendly methods and materials.

Equipment and Tools

Here is our toolbox of cool equipment when we pressure wash the surfaces that need to be cleaned:

  1. Mighty Pressure Washer: Our number one equipment is a top-quality pressure washer made with the finest materials that will not wear even after years of usage. It has adjustable nozzles that are used for different types of surfaces.
  2. Adjustable Nozzles: We know how to handle every type of cleaning by using the right type of nozzle and pressure for hard and soft surfaces. We do not just blast to clean. We adjust nozzles for gentle cleaning if needed.
  3. Surface Cleaners: These are big rotating brushes that we use to quickly clean flat and wide surfaces like driveways.
  4. Extension Wands: Do you have surfaces in your home that seem unreachable? Our pressure washing equipment has extension wands, so we can clean even the farthest corner or area.

We have a complete crew of cleaning experts and efficient tools to use in our pressure washing services. Your home will get the cleaning it deserves at the appointed time.

Costs and Pricing of Pressure Washing Services in New Orleans

Because every pressure washing need is unique, expect different costs as well depending on the total area to be cleaned and the degree of difficulty in cleaning.

With TurnKey Painters, you get the best value for your money if you need pressure washing for your New Orleans home. We discuss the costs of our services upfront with our clients and deliver more than what is expected.

Common Challenges and Solutions

Our years of experience in pressure washing have allowed us to deal with the common challenges that come with the job. However, our training and skills have allowed us to address these challenges.

1.  Surface Sensitivity

pressure washing with high quality tools

Not all surfaces that need pressure washing are the same. To prevent damage when cleaning delicate and soft surfaces, we adjust the nozzle and the pressure. We use lower pressure, gentler detergents, and softer washing techniques.

2.  Stubborn Stains and Molds

Pressure washing can be challenging with dirt, mold, mildew, and stains. We deal with this using safe and eco-friendly detergents and the right amount of pressure. We allow the detergent to stay on the surface for a while before pressure washing, but we are likewise careful not to harm the surface material.

3.  Access to Water

Some residential areas do not have an adequate supply of water. We plan and make sure that during the scheduled pressure washing service, we will have water to do the job. We have a pressure wash with a pressure tank so that we will have enough water supply to complete the cleaning.

4.  Safety Concerns

When pressure washing equipment is not properly used, it can cause safety hazards. Our team is trained in pressure washing without causing harm to the landscape, surrounding structure, or the members of the crew. We strictly follow safety guidelines and wear protective equipment when pressure washing residential surfaces.

Benefits of Professional Services

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Although pressure washing can be a DIY project, hiring a professional cleaning service will save you time and effort. Professional pressure washing services assure you of safe, precise, and efficient cleaning.

At TurnKey Painters, we have commercial-grade pressure washers that can take on any level of cleaning difficulty. We know the right pressure settings, nozzles, and cleaning agents to properly remove dirt on any type of surface in your New Orleans home. We are properly trained to use the right technique and minimize safety risks.

TurnKey Painters – Your Expert Pressure Washing Service Provider

At TurnKey Painters, we understand that keeping the exterior of your home and other surfaces of other structures on your residential property can be tricky. It can even be exhausting and time-consuming when you do it on your own.

With our pressure washing services, we can achieve a deeper clean that will leave your home looking at its best. Contact us today and discover how we can transform your New Orleans home into a haven with our pressure-washing techniques!