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Pressure Washing Services for Commercial Properties in New Orleans, LA

TurnKey Painters elevates the aesthetic and hygiene standards of commercial properties across New Orleans with top-tier pressure washing services. Our expert team harnesses high-pressure water spray technology to meticulously remove grime, dust, mold, and other persistent stains from various outdoor surfaces.

By choosing our professional services, businesses ensure their premises reflect the excellence and attention to detail that only true maintenance proficiency can provide.

Our commitment extends beyond mere cleanliness; we aim to preserve the structural integrity of your property while enhancing its curb appeal.

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Importance of Clean Exteriors

Maintaining a spotless appearance for the exterior and surrounding areas of your commercial property yields numerous advantages.

Business Appeal

Professional pressure washing services from TurnKey Painters are key to maintaining a business’s exterior. High-grade equipment is used for the best results. Our trained technicians operate these machines effectively. They know how to remove dirt without damaging surfaces.

Compliance with local environmental laws is crucial. These services ensure that cleaning methods do not harm the environment. This shows responsibility and care for the community.

First Impressions

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A clean storefront attracts more people. It signals quality and attention to detail. Customers often prefer businesses that look well-maintained over those that don’t.

Brand reputation benefits from a polished appearance too. A pristine exterior can lead to positive online reviews, which attract new customers.

Property Value

Keeping exteriors clean affects customer retention greatly. It sets the tone when clients visit your property, influencing their first impression before they even step inside.

The perception of service quality starts with how a property looks on the outside. If it’s well-kept, clients tend to believe the services offered will be equally high-quality.

Targeted Commercial Areas

TurnKey Painters provides a specialized pressure washing service aimed at commercial locations, focusing on improving their exterior attractiveness and ensuring they remain clean. If you have a commercial building in New Orleans, here are the spaces we can pressure wash for you:

Building Exteriors

Building exteriors are crucial for making a strong first impression. Pressure washing services enhance the look of commercial properties in New Orleans, LA. They increase property value significantly. Clean buildings attract more renters and buyers. They show that owners care about their investments.

Regular cleaning also prevents long-term damage from pollutants and grime. This upkeep saves money on future repairs.

Parking Lots

Parking lots endure constant use and exposure to elements. Over time, they can deteriorate due to weathering. Mold and mildew often grow in these areas too.

Pressure washing keeps parking lots clean and safe for use. It maintains an inviting appearance for customers or clients visiting the area. A well-maintained lot shows commitment to quality standards by the property owner.


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Walkways around commercial properties get dirty quickly with oil spills and debris buildup. These hazards can cause accidents if not addressed promptly. Clean walkways improve safety for all visitors. They also contribute to a positive experience when arriving at your business location. This reflects well on the overall maintenance practices of the property management team.

Pressure Washing Techniques

Our skilled crew utilizes top-notch pressure washing methods, ensuring a thorough and productive cleaning for your business premises.

Power Washing

Power washing is a go-to method for maintaining commercial properties. We use high-pressure water to clean surfaces. This technique ensures safe passage for pedestrians around the property. Removing slippery substances like algae reduces the chance of falls and injuries.

Moreover, power washing minimizes liability risks. A clean environment means fewer accidents and legal issues. It also enhances accessibility by clearing pathways effectively.

Soft Washing

Soft washing is known for its effectiveness on hard surfaces such as concrete walls and sidewalks. This method quickly removes stubborn layers of dirt and graffiti.

By using lower pressure, soft washing restores the original look of pavements without damage. The gentle approach makes it ideal for delicate areas that require deep cleaning.

Eco-Friendly Practices

TurnKey Painters prioritizes the environment while delivering top-notch pressure washing services for commercial spaces. Our methods ensure your business looks its best, all while maintaining eco-friendly standards.

Water Conservation

Our pressure washing services in New Orleans are not just about cleanliness. We embrace water conservation too. Our services use special techniques that are gentle on surfaces like stucco or wood siding. This means we can clean effectively without causing harm.

By using lower pressure settings, our company prevents damage to delicate areas. This approach is perfect for cleaning surfaces without stripping away paint or finishes. It’s a careful balance between being tough on dirt and kind to the property.

Non-Toxic Solutions

We also focus on reducing harmful impacts on the environment. We use non-toxic solutions during our cleaning processes.

We adopt the latest technology to minimize wastewater runoff. In doing so, we comply with local guidelines for water conservation in New Orleans. We aim to protect both your property and the surrounding environment.

Advantages of Professional Services

Optimal outcomes in pressure washing for commercial properties are often realized through the expertise of professional service providers, due to several reasons.


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Professional pressure washing services bring expert knowledge to the table. We use environmentally safe cleaning agents. We are kind to both landscaping and wildlife habitats nearby. The focus on safety extends to our clients’ health too. By avoiding harsh chemicals, our services protect you and your employees.

We also have a deep understanding of how different surfaces interact with various substances. This ensures that they not only clean but also maintain the integrity of your property’s exterior.


Efficiency is key in commercial settings where time equals money. We know about surface materials and stain types well. We can quickly determine the best approach for each unique situation.

We also offer valuable consultations on maintaining properties post-wash as well. Our staff receive ongoing training on industry advancements, ensuring top-notch service at all times.


Safety is paramount. We have streamlined processes to save precious time for businesses, causing minimal disruption to daily operations.

With quick turnaround times, our projects are often completed faster than expected. Our advanced scheduling systems align with our client’s needs perfectly. This flexibility helps avoid any potential conflicts with business hours or important events.

Enhance Your Commercial Space Exterior

Pressure washing services are indispensable for maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of commercial properties in New Orleans, LA.

Techniques that cater to different surfaces, coupled with eco-friendly practices, underscore the commitment to sustainability and excellence in service. TurnKey Painters stands out as a provider prioritizing quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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